about the green hair mermaid

Here’s the standard <random number of> things about me page…

1. I love beer. Esp Jack Black and And Union. Also Peroni.

2. I once fell in love online. True story. I do believe it can happen. It may not be 100% real but it feels 100% real.

3. I never met the man in the end. That was after 2 years, give or take.

4. Being a mom is the best and most favourite and sometimes hardest thing in my life.

5. I love cats. I have two – Scribble and Scrap. They fart a lot.

6. 2 of my best friends live 1000s of miles away and I miss them daily.

7. I am the youngest of 7 full siblings.

8. I loved school. Apart from the one year I was bullied. I also bunked a lot during high school, which I loved too.

9. My all time fav job was cleaning a beautiful old hotel in the UK.

10. My brother is my hero.

11. I have a not so secret girl crush on Scarlett Johannson. I will watch anything with her in. She is mesmerising.

12. My dream career, when I was a kid, was to work with cheetahs.

13. It only occurs to me now that putting I love beer at number one might make people judge me. Oh well.

14. I love old black and white movies, or the ones that came out in the early days of colour.

15. I wish I could have another child but it’s pretty much too late.

16. I suffer from panic attacks. Sometimes more than others. Have done so since 1989. Mostly, I can deal with them now.

17. My hair isn’t really green. But I really was a mermaid. Once.

18. The sea is my favourite place to be. And G’s bed.

19. I will add more some other day when I feel like it… maybe.


3 Responses to about the green hair mermaid

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  2. Odysseus says:

    This is awesome! Your bio rocks, as does the name “Green Hair Mermaid Blogs.” Makes me jealous I never thought of it myself. Anyways, I found you via Suzy Stumbles and plan to keep reading.

  3. Hey Odysseus, great to meet you 🙂 Yay us for making it on to Suzy’s list 😉

    Just checking out your blog too… a great find! I love writing with humour, like yours – it makes me want to read all the way to the end of the story which these days doesn’t happen that often (the interwebs have killed my ability to read long prose… 😦 )

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