This weekend I’m going to…

I have 3 days weekends (yeah, you can hate me, I’m down with that)
So when I say ‘This weekend I’m going to…’ I include Fridays…

  • Swim on Winter Solstice Day at Fish Hoek (done- stayed in for 6 waves even! 11 degrees C but the sun came out long enough to warm me while I enjoyed my coffee afterwards on the bench, missing my sistahs and brothers and other family members)This is the first year in many years I’ve swum* through winter.
  • Meet with Klara and Matt of Lotus Media to discuss the design of my Green Hair Mermaid Photography logo (done – met them at Tribeca this morning and can’t wait to see the first drafts end of next week)
  • Become the mother of a 15 year old. Aaargh! How did this happen??
  • Take Raphael out for steak on his birthday
  • Do portraits of Raph for his birthday
  • Run / gym
  • Get started on vegetable planting (or at least planning and purchasing some stuff like containers and soil)
  • Make buttermilk bread
  • Finish copy for website
  • Choose and download all pics to Dropbox for Jolene  (ZA Sites) who is making my website (Eeee!)
  • Blog (doing it…)
  • Watch the next season of Cougar Town.  #PennyCannnnn!

*By swum I mean run in and run out of the ocean – none of this freestyle / backstroke nonsense. It’s all about feeling alive. I get my exercise before hand.

In closing… my new favourite song (well I only heard it an hour ago but I love it already. Having a 15 year old (tomorrow) son = a great source of new music discovery. Luckily we share awesome taste in music.

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4 Responses to This weekend I’m going to…

  1. lighttouches says:

    It’s a hectic list! Did you get it all done? I know you had chocolate cake as well. 🙂
    I wish you good success with your veg planting.

  2. so much to do! and clearly enough time to do it in. 3 day weekends indeed. mostly im happy for you, but i cant get rid of that teeny tiny little bit of jealousy 🙂

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