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Pain: It’s a Pain

I’ve been in pain (between 1 and 7.5 out of 10) for over 2.5 months now. That’s just this year. Last year I had headaches – crippling, all day every day headaches – for around 5 months. And previously there … Continue reading

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My Desert Island Discs post for 6000, for today (tomorrow would be a whole nother list)

Thanks to 6000 (if you don’t read his blog, do so) I wasted some time today in the most awesome way trying to decide on my top 8 songs to meet his Desert Island Disc challenge… It led to a very … Continue reading

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In which I Write about Writing

It is *always* a magical process for me, writing. When I look at what I have written I usually have no idea what happened between the first and last words. It’s as if I vanish and someone else takes over and writes the thing for me. It’s awesome! Continue reading

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things to which I am looking forward

stuff & stuff… Continue reading

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My little piece in Psychologies magazine

I was published… Continue reading

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