15 today

My beautiful boy

Raphael Blue 15

So you’re turning 15. Just writing that makes me get all tearful – silly right? but it’s true.

But you know the good part of that is, I’m not tearful because I miss the tiny baby lying next to me in bed before you were old enough to even smile, just looking at me with those blue eyes… or the laughing toddler pushing the yellow truck along the beach… or the kid pouring over books about aeroplanes or dinosaurs… I loved each version of you that I’ve known so far; but I love who you are right now most of all because you’re becoming your own man, and someone worth knowing, someone easy to love, someone with deep feelings and emotions, with empathy, with dignity, and with a kick ass sense of humour that cracks me up.

So here’s why I’m a bit tearful…I know it’s a real parent thing to say but I am so. proud. of you. Honestly, genuinely proud of you. I believe that you’ll make good choices, that you’re capable of great love, that you’ll change the world in some way, just by being the incredible human being you are.

Keep growing, keep learning, keep asking questions, keep loving with all your heart, keep standing up for people who can’t stand up for themselves, keep sharing your gifts with the world.

Don’t let the hard times and the mean spirited people get you down.

You’re amazing. You’re loved.

Now go be 15 and make it your best year yet.

I love you always and forever.


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One Response to 15 today

  1. karin says:

    aw, im also all teary eyed now. congratulations mom (and dad), and a very happy boy to an amazing teenager

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