Working from Home Day 1 – Lessons Learned…

Once not that many moons ago I was a freelance copywriter and as such worked from home for a year. I found it stressful and unproductive for a number of reasons, mostly related to working from my own place which is a tiny, rather dark converted garage, and also to the fact that freelancers can’t always be choosers so a lot of what I had to write was boring. I spent much time arbing around, doing laundry, playing with the cats and surfing the Net, then having to work late at night. I was uninspired and not really happy.

From today I started working from home for my current employers 3 days a week – so I still go in to the office on the other two days. Despite my last working from home experience, I think I am going to love this new set up.

Here’s why. Firstly I’m working from G’s home not my own place. Yeah I miss the kitties but everything else here is better. It’s light filled and spacious with a view of Chapman’s Peak and Noordhoek Beach in the distance. Even though it’s grey and rainy today this place is always warm so I have the sliding doors open. There’s a pool for sunnieer days. He’s away at the moment (and every second month) so it’s quiet and peaceful.

In addition to this being an ideal work from home location, here are some things about my first day working from home that I love:

  1. After dropping R at school I have 45 minutes to head for the beach, take a walk and grab a cup of coffee – much better than sitting in traffic on Wynberg hill!
  2. No telephones ringing
  3. Working in old tracksuit pants and uggs is acceptable
  4. I can hit the yoga mat and do stretches and my 5 min ab workout phone app thingy between writing
  5. Real coffee, any time I want, plus G has a milk frother thingy; I love frothy coffee J
  6. I can enjoy the silence or work to any music I like at any volume I like and sing along loudly while working
  7. Major bonus: I get to collect R from school and spend my lunch hour with him before he goes to my mom to do homework / guitar / computer etc while I work the afternoons. I really miss being there at home time to pick him up, and he is unbelievably happy that I will be able to do this 3x a week from now on. Glad I get to do that while it’s still something he wants.
  8. No need to use a public toilet! And if I wanna read in there for 10 minutes it’s my own business 😉
  9. I can bake cookies in my lunchbreak if I choose, creating a delicious aroma in the working environment, plus snacks for the afternoon shift!
  10. One #lunchbeer is a good thing, and costs less at home

I was a bit concerned that my concentration would be affected and I’d be less productive but because this isn’t my own place I am not tempted to do housework or to pop next door and chat to my mom, and the peace and quiet mean I am really far more focussed than I am at work.

I do enjoy the office, and the colleagues I work with are fun, so I am glad I’ll still be heading in two days a week to feel a part of the company and enjoy the change.

Yay for a change, you know it’s almost as good as a hol… ok it’s nothing LIKE a holiday but it’s still all good 🙂

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3 Responses to Working from Home Day 1 – Lessons Learned…

  1. groupiemom says:

    im especially gratified that point number 10 is working well for you. its awesome working from home, and youre definitely on to a good thing here. so what time is lunchbeer today? oh wait, its an office day right? 😥

  2. Yahoooo!!! This is going to be sooo super exciting!! 🙂 Good times!

  3. Axel Buhrmann says:

    Number 8. Yes, indeedy.

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