Pride, in the name of love

I find myself once again amazed by my son.

Some of you may recall that he hasn’t been his happiest this year, largely due to his being saddled with not the best teacher in the world, who doesn’t like boys and who should perhaps have stayed in retirement instead of coming out of it to teach a class made up mostly of boys. Anyhow, at the start of the year his class was told they could each (if they wanted) volunteer for various service positions and that at the end of Term One 4 of them would be chosen to form the SRC for the rest of the year (kind of like prefects). He was very excited and keen but as the term wore on and his teacher wore down his enthusiasm for school he lost interest. However he was still quite gutted not to be chosen at Assembly on Friday.

But he rallied. He has come up with a plan for a club that he wants to start on Thursdays at break, starting next term. He was motivated to do this by noticing that there are a number of kids at the school who seem to not have friends to hang with and who are sidelined at breaks – and also, he said, to do something for the school even if he isn’t on the SRC.

So today he went to speak to the Headmistress and I was rather nervous that she wouldn’t listen to him and simply say No without hearing him out. She didn’t, she loved the idea and gave him the go ahead from next term.

His idea is as follows: The Thursday Club will be a place to (quote) “exchange music, books and ideas” for Grade 4-7s.

He’ll get those who want to join in to bring their CDs and books and create a lending library – that will be the draw card. He will set up a table in the classroom to display these items but before that all present will sit in a circle and he will bring up a topic for the week – something that is topical but that kids don’t often talk about, like bullying, for example.Β  He’ll have a few things to say about the topic by way of introduction and then open it to ‘the floor’. No interrupting will be allowed and no laughing at anyone’s point of view. If no-one wants to talk, no sweat, maybe he’s given them something to think about or maybe they’ll talk in smaller groups – after that it’s time to check out the music and books.

Raph came up with the whole concept on his own. And he got the Head to agree to it. Despite getting little but criticism from his teacher, despite not making it on to the SRC, despite everything he saw a need for lonely kids and found a way to include them without advertising it as a club for losers. He plans to make small posters each week to remind the kids.

Recently he also asked if he could speak in assembly – something that kids just don’t do – on the topic of choices and how the choices we make can affect our whole lives. He told me on the phone (I was away at the time) that he and G had had a chat about the subject and he said he felt that not enough kids realise how important it is to choose wisely and he wanted to tell them.

He did well despite being super nervous and shaky (G and my mom went to the assembly to support him and told me this)

But seriously, how awesome is my son? (I know I’m the Mom and I will always think so but there aren’t many almost 13 year olds I know who would do the things he does)

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8 Responses to Pride, in the name of love

  1. Nayes says:

    I’m in tears. That’s the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Wow! A hundred brilliant mommy points to you and a million to Raph for being truly one of a kind.

  2. cassey says:

    Oh wow. Yay for Raph, double yays πŸ™‚ Really he sounds awesome.

  3. Axel Buhrmann says:

    Er, where’s the “like” button?


  4. Jenty says:

    Oh wow, that’s so brave!! Those are such awesome ideas!

  5. groupiemom says:

    awesome, humble, motivated, inspirational, compassionate. everything we all want our kids to be, but so few are. its a testament to the kind of mom you are. you have reason to be proud. (and thats why he has groupies!)

  6. souldiaries says:

    i LOVE this. that is so absolutely cool. i think your son is a honey and wish he’d been at my school,
    ps. did i ever send you the o mag stuff? I am back there next monday in case i havent have been working five jobs and studying so quite flat. please remind me next monday. xx

    • Hi V – thanks for the comment πŸ™‚ Let’s just hope some kids come to the boy’s club next term… i’m nervous for him that no-one pitches or it flops… still, it’s a lesson for me to let things happen as they will and be supportive not try control the outcome!

      I didn’t yet receive the O thing from you, would be great if you have a spare minute or two if you could send? Sounds like you’re super busy!


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