Dreams Can Come True

Sometimes I am amazed by God.

My son has been saving up for an electric guitar for several months but he doesn’t get pocket money, he has to work to get money (washing the car, doing laundry etc). And it’s taking a long time. He now has around R800 but that’s a ways off what he needs, especially if he wants to get a decent one.

Now his dad decided (and he has a point) that Raph must first continue with his acoustic guitar lessons for at least another year before he buys the electric, and is not willing to help him out with money. After all he is already paying for the acoustic lessons.

But in Raph’s heart he so badly wanted, longed for, an electric. He practices on his acoustic faithfully, he enjoys it, but he is 12, and he loves rock, and his heart is set on going electric.

See this photo? This was taken on Tuesday evening at home. See what he’s holding? Not just any bottom of the range guitar but a pretty damn cool guitar. And there is a cord – it’s going to an amp.

This is what happened: Raph had been praying for an electric guitar. Praying and praying… Then one night when I went to collect him at Youth at the end of last year the youth leader came over as Raph was about to climb in the car and told him he can borrow his guitar as he owns more than one himself, until he can buy his own. Raph had told him he was saving for one but hadn’t asked him if he had one. So he had a guitar, but no amp.

Then we discovered that my nephew, an epic electric guitarist, left an amp in a cupboard at my mom’s place when he moved to the UK 5 years ago. One Facebook wall request later and the amp was Raph’s – permanently.

Now another friend of ours, K, might have an electric guitar we can get for cheap-cheap that she suddenly offered us in December. The things are practically falling out the sky!

This is how it was with me and cameras – I was given my first one by a stranger who just wanted to do something nice, my second one by an friend of my brother I hadn’t seen for many years, and that same friend sold a brand new in the box 400D to G (as a gift for me) at cost price in 2010.

It seems to me if you have a gift and you want to use it, God sometimes comes alongside and makes your dreams a reality.

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7 Responses to Dreams Can Come True

  1. brazen says:

    great story. God is good 🙂

  2. Mrs Redzxber says:

    beautiful story and so true too… I can totally relate :o)

  3. cassey says:

    All I have is 🙂

  4. karin says:

    awesome how things just fall into place when theyre meant to be. cant wait to see how this one ends.

  5. Dee says:

    This makes me want to cry – not because i find it sad, but because i find it wonderful!
    I remember when you got your second, and fancy SLR, and i remember how you started taking 100’s of pics. I envied you, because i reallly reallly wanted one for myself as well. So for years i carried on shooting with my silly point and shoot (which i also wouldnt trade for the world)! Then someone mentioned i have a talent, which i never thought i did have, and i started dreaming of what i could do if i have a decent camera, i toook some awesome pregnancy pics with my point-and-shoot, and after that dreamed even more, and then for Xmas i received my first SLR. It had me in tears, not because of sadness, but happiness, that someone believed in me and bought me such an expensive gift. It’s the best i’ve ever received, and ill do everything in my power to get somewhere, with this talent (i think i have). Thanks for this story Joy, it’s beautiful, and makes me believe even more!

  6. ExMi says:

    absolutely awesome to be this blessed. you two deserve it. xx

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