To Lisa on Her Birthday

You would have been 48 today. And I bet you would still have been beautiful. Sexy. Vivacious. Smart-mouthed. Sassy.

Do you know that you’re a grandmother? A granny! You who will always be 27 in my mind.

You would have become your oldest daughter’s best friend and loved her sharp wit and gentle spirit beneath the cool exterior. Loved her ability to laugh at life and herself. Recognised the sadness in her eyes, just below the surface. She looks so much like you.

You would have been so proud of your second daughter, you would have been blown away by how beautiful she looked on her wedding day. You would have adored the grandson she gave you.

I don’t know where your baby is – your gorgeous son – he was only little when you left – but he’s out there living life to the full, travelling. He’s a drummer, do you know that? You would have gone to watch his band play and been bursting with pride.

Sure you’ve missed your first wrinkle, your first grey hair.

You haven’t had to see your parents grow old and frail.

But sis. You’ve missed so much by checking out early. You’ve missed so many good times, so many awesome songs – you were so musical, so talented, and you loved music.

And I’ve missed you . I’ve missed your naughty laugh, your wicked sense of humour.

How could we not see they weren’t enough to get you through the darkest moments of your life?

If only you’d stuck around you would have seen, the tide would have changed.

Things would have gotten easier.

Better days were not that far away.

Why didn’t you wait just a bit longer?

Happy birthday my sis.

Wish you were here.

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2 Responses to To Lisa on Her Birthday

  1. Bronwen says:

    Wow, this is so incredibly beautiful! All tearful now and I don’t even know you all that well.

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