From my mom, to me, on Mother’s Day

every year my mom gives me a mothers’ day card. (and gift). i had to share what she wrote on this year’s card because it’s so beautiful. and it means so much to me to have her, of all people, say it.

chapman's peak

The way your eyes grow tender
When they rest upon your boy;
The way you hold him tightly, and tell him
“I love you”;
The way you teach him independence,
Coping skills and thoughtfulness;
The way you carve out spaces for
Enjoyment and for growth;
The time you give to conversations
And to listening;
The cuddling up to read and laugh;
The way you pray with him;
I see you pour so much of your heart
and soul into his life.
And though at times, you think you’ve failed
In what you have to do.

-My precious girl-

I thank God that my grandson
Has a Mother just like you.


Thank you mama, this means more to me than you know.

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3 Responses to From my mom, to me, on Mother’s Day

  1. Andre says:

    *lump in throat*
    Too awesome.

  2. Bronwen says:

    This is truly special!

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